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Our Team.

We understand that finding a home is serious business. Our corporate team works hard to make sure you love where you live. With decades of experience in the multifamily industry, they are dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for our residents. 

Kristin Schmidt

VP of Customer & Associate

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Tim Meyers

Regional Manager, Customer
Service and Maintenance

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Ann Royce

Executive Administrative

Ann began her adventures in the multifamily property management industry on May 3rd, 1999. Yes, she remembers the exact day because it was life altering. Whether shoveling snow, lighting pilot lights in the middle of the night, processing rent payments, or handling parking conflicts, she prided herself in being a kind and trustworthy source for residents and team members alike. Her experience also includes working at a 55+ Senior Living community where she got to be a surrogate daughter, therapist, nail technician, and more. After more than 20 years onsite, Ann is enjoying this opportunity at ICO Property Management to support both the corporate team and onsite teams in whatever needs arise.

Chantell Lavalaivs

Regional Customer & Associate
Experience Manager

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Jessica Fenton

Regional Customer & Associate
Experience Manager

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Danielle Wyllie

Regional Customer & Associate
Experience Manager

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Roshelle Hindoian

Regional Customer & AssociateExperience Manager

Roshelle Hindoian started her career in property management over 25 years ago.  She started as a leasing consultant in Salt Lake City and eventually started working as a Regional Property Manager with a portfolio of over 1200 units. Her focus has remained on budgeting, hiring & coaching team members, capital improvements, and increasing overall value at communities.  Roshelle has received awards such as Property of the Year, and “Best in class” for Resident satisfaction. Roshelle currently serves on her HOA board in Bear Lake  as a Treasurer.  In addition, she successfully lead the board in a large exterior renovation project working with contractors and owners.


Roshelle currently oversees the Ivory Ridge Swim & Tennis Club for ICO & holds an active real estate license.  She enjoys traveling with her family and currently resides in Riverton Utah.  

Jamie McDaniel


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Rebecca Nagel

Marketing Director

Rebecca Nagel began her career in multifamily in 1995 as a leasing agent for a 320-unit community in Denton, TX. It was during this time that she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with a Major in Communications and a Minor in Marketing, (Advertising Emphasis) from The University of North Texas. After several promotions and over the course of 9 years working in property management, she transitioned over to the vendor side of the apartment industry where she had the opportunity to work as an Account Executive for The Apartment Guide of Salt Lake City, now referred to as Rent. Rebecca’s passion is in helping apartment communities succeed. She is a highly creative Marketing Director with expertise in transforming marketing and advertising strategies into desired results through the development of targeted campaigns and initiatives.

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